Vision, Motto, Beliefs

Vision Statement 
Meridian High School is committed to developing a community of life-long learners through rigor, relevance, and relationships.

"Moving from Good to Great"

District Motto
"Making Positive Strides Daily"


  • Each individual has intrinsic value and worth
  • All people can learn
  • Learning is an ongoing process that occurs in different ways and different times
  • Character devolpment is fundamental
  • Childeren are an indispensible asset
  • the willingness of its people to invest time,money,and otheer necessary resources determines a community's success.
  • A succuess public eduational sytem is vital to a progessive community
  • All people must be treatedwith dignity and respect
  • Effective communtiveis essential to continued growth
  • Each indiviual is responiable and accoutable for his/her actions
  • A nurturing, supportive family is important in the life of the indiviual
  • Home, schoool, church, and community must work together to meet the needs of indiviual
  • A safe, orderly enviorment is fundamental
  • High expectations enhance achievement