Basketball Schedule

Meridian High School
Varsity Basketball Game Schedule

DAY       DATE              OPPONENT                        TIME(S)               PLACE

Sat.       31                 NE Lauderdale Jamboree        TBD                    Away

Sat.       7                  Choctaw Classic (girls)           TBD                    Away
                                Holmes Classic (boys)
Tues.     10                 Lanier                                6:00 pm               Away
Thurs.    12                 Starkville                            6:00pm                Home
Tues.     17                 Hattiesburg                        6:00 pm               Away
Thurs.    19                 Neshoba Central                  6:00 pm               Away
Tues.     24                 Raymond                           2:00 pm               Away
Sat.       28                Thanksgiving Shootout (boys)   TBD                 Clinton

Tues.      1                Quitman                               6:00 pm              Home
Sat.        5                Neshoba Central                    6:00 pm              Home
Tues.      8                Callaway                              6:00 pm              Home
Fri.        11               Wayne County                       6:00 pm              Away
Sat.       12               Pearl Shootout (girls only)       TBD                    Away
Tues.     15               Quitman                               6:00 pm              Away
Fri.        18               Gulfport                                6:00 pm             Home
Mon.      21               Bay Springs                           6:00 pm             Home
Sat.       26              West Point Shootout (girls only)   TBD                Away

Sat,     M, T, W 26,28,29,30 Chick-Fil-A Invitational (boys only) TBD Atlanta, Ga

           M,T,W 28,29,30 Hattiesburg Tourney (girls only)TBD Away

Sat.       2                Newton Shootout (girls only)       TBD                TBD
Tues.     5                Petal                                     6:00 pm            Away
Fri.        8                Oak Grove                              6:00 pm            Home
Tues.    12               Petal                                     6:00 pm            Home
Fri.       15               Brandon                                 6:00pm             Home
Tues.    19               Oak Grove                              6:00 pm            Away
Fri.       22               Brandon                                 6:00pm             Away
Sat.     30               Bay Springs Shootout (boys only) TBD                Away

Tues.    2                Wayne County                         6:00 pm           Home
Fri.       5                Terry                                      6:00 pm           Home
Fri.      12                Callaway                                 6:00 pm          Away

Tues. Fri. 16, 19       Division Tournament                    TBD              Meridian

*These are District games:

! One JV game played at 5:00pm. !! Two jv game played at 4:00pm. See attached JV schedule


 You may go to this website for more information for the Lady Cats: