Student Government Association

The Student Council is elected by the student body and consists of representatives from each class. Various activities such as Homecoming and community service projects are sponsored by the council. The purposes of the Student Council also includes providing learning experiences for students, staff, and community; developing behavioral evidence of good citizenship, scholarship, leadership, service, and human values; promoting harmonious relationships; improving morale; assisting in the management of the school; and providing a forum for student voice and channels of student involvement.

The officers of the Student Council shall be a president, majority vice-president, minority vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Each class shall have the offices of president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, majority representative, and minority representative.

Any student of Meridian High School is eligible for election to the Student Council provided he/she has a 2.5 GPA, administrative approval, and a petition of recommendation from thirty students. Any student of MHS is eligible for class office provided he/she has a 2.5 GPA, administrative approval, and a petition of recommendation from thirty students in his/her class. Any rising senior who meets these qualifications is eligible for election to the office of President of the Student Council. The office of Vice-President, Post I and Post II, is open to any junior student meeting these qualifications. One vice-president must be black; the other must be white.


2015-16 Student Government Officers

President: Chelsea Grissett

Majority Vice President: Ashlyn Spinks

Minority Vice President: Caleb Harper

Secretary/Treasurer: Madeline Griffin

Public Relations: Madison Carr

Senior Class Officers

President: Renuka Srivastava

Vice President: Kaylee Zettler

Secretary/Treasurer: Vrunda Patel

Majority Representative: Traylan Talley

Minority Representative: Kourtlynn Drury

Junior Class Officers

President: Logan Nave

Vice President: DaChona Thomas

Secretary/Treasurer: Alyssa Ricks

Majority Representative: Demetria Walker

Minority Representative: Kelly Bator

Sophomore Class Officers

President: Zykayah Horn

Secretary/Treasurer: LaTalya Clayton

Majority Representative: Quanila Trotter

Freshman Class Officers

President: Malerie Brooks

Vice President: Destiny Little

Secretary/Treasurer: Parisian Brown

Majority Representative: Dewaun Warren