Whom do I see for.....

Issue Contact Phone Number

Address/zip/phone change

Angela Turner  484-4436
Admissions or withdrawal from school Angela Turner  484-4436
Athletics - Baseball Chuck Butler  482-6903
Athletics - Basketball Ronald Norman  482-5983
Athletics - Girls Basketball Patricia Wilson  483-2597
Athletics - Football Calvin Hampton  485-8675
Athletic Trainer Chad Acton  553-2169
Attendance Gary Clark  484-4430
Bus Routes Jayson Chisolm  484-5157
Checking In and Out of School Gary Clark  484-0711
Class Ranking Angela Turner  484-4436
Changes in Computer Information Connie Houston  485-3848
Fees or Financial Information Paris Brassfield  484-4433

Principal Victor Hubbard  484-1061
Assistant Principal Shannon Thomas
Assistant Principal Felicia Ruffin  484-4425
Assistant Principal Shirley Mosley  484-4446
Assistant Principal Jackie McFarland
MHS Freshman Academy Principal Shevonda Truman  696-7295
MHS Freshman Academy Assistant Principal Gregory Harrington  696-7299
Immunizations Forms Angela Turner  484-4436
Lockers Paris Brassfield  484-4433
Name Change Angela Turner  484-4436
Parking Paris Brassfield  484-4433
Report Card Change Connie Houson  485-3848
Returned Checks Paris Brassfield  484-4433
School Yearbook "The Reverie" Lorie Anderson  484-4437
Special Populations and Testing Services Blanca Ramirez  482-8247
Student Council Ms. Vanessa Reed  Room M-302
Tardies Administrators  
Testing Coordinator Blanca Ramirez  484-8247
Textbook Information and Fees Kimberly Coley  484-4447
Tickets for Athletic Events Karen Kimbrel  482-1225
Transportation Jayson Chisolm  484-5157
Transcripts Angela Turner  484-4436
Vocational Information (Ross Collins) Rob Smith  484-5156