Final Exam Information

Exams and Grading Guidelines
The following guidelines have been appoved:

  1. Teacher will give a cumulative final exam at the end of each semester. The exam will count 15% of the semester grade. Note: In a year-long course the final grade is determined by the two semesters averaged together. In a semester course, the semester grade is the final grade.
  2. Teachers must provide each student with a "study guide or exam outline" in preparation for the final exam.
  3. Teachers must include the grading scale in their course syllabi for both students and parents to read.
  4. Teachers must include a combination of both major and daily grades for students' assessment. There should be a minimum of 6 major grades and 10 daily grades per nine-week grading period. This will constitute the minimum standards, but teachers can, and should go beyond these requirements.
  5. All assignments and extra credit work should directly relate to the class subject and/or academics. Students should not receive extra credit for attending an activity, etc.