The Media Staff

Students at MHS have an opportunity to join "The Media Staff" The team consist of Yearbook, Webpage, and Video staff members. Staff members must meet a selection process determined by the sponsor of that particular publication.  Different skills sets are used on each of the three staffs.


Andrews, Sydney

Brown, Roosevelt

Cole, JaCoby

Crockett, Alexis

Dunn, Destiny

Hall, Anquanizia

Harwell, Avery

Hines, Cassidy

Jones, Zaria

Le, Timmy

Lee, Deonta

McMahan, Benjamin

Miller, Brandon

Miller, Rainecia

Nave, Logan

Patel, Harini

Pritchard, Barbara

Ricks, Alyssa

Smith, Demestrius

Talley, Traylan

Williams, KaDetra

Zettler, Kristen