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Business and Technology Courses

Introduces students to basic accounting concepts, then progresses through three complete accounting cycles -- a proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. Computerized applications are incorporated as the basic principles are learned. Students are required to purchase a workbook and a simulation packet.
Credit Unit: 1
Prerequisite: N/A

Computer Applications
Designed to provide each student with essential introductory skills and knowledge necessary to use computer hardware and software in daily life and occupational tasks. The student will learn to use computer hardware and software to improve and enhance other curriculum areas. Emphasis is placed on common applications, including word processing, database management, spreadsheet, and presentation software.
Credit Unit: 1/2
Prerequisite: Computer Discovery or Keyboarding

Desktop Publishing
Offers the student the opportunity to use keyboarding and word processing skills in the product of attractive documents such as a flyer, letterhead, business card, report cover, and newsletter. Graphic design and page layout techniques are emphasized. Students will produce attractive documents that communicate effectively and use proper desktop publishing strategies.
Credit Unit: 1/2
Prerequisite: Computer Applications, Information Processing, or Word Processing

Digital Media Design
Introduces students to various forms of digital media. Students will learn to use software to develop graphics, animation, 3-Dimensional images, and interactive media projects.
Credit Unit: 1/2
Prerequisite: Web Page Design or Desktop Publishing and teacher approval

Digital Video
Digital Video is designed to introduce students to the video production process. Concepts taught will include creating, editing, and exporting audio and video. Students will also learn about creating waivers and the laws related to Copyright.
Credit Unit: 1/2
prerequisite: Desktop or Digital Media or Web Design or Teacher Approval

This course provides the student an opportunity to master keyboarding skills by entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic information on a keyboard and ten-key pad. Emphasis is placed on developing proper speed and accuracy techniques. Students format documents such as letters, memorandums, reports, and tables for personal, educational, and business uses. Students who have successfully passed Computer Discovery and are proficient in key stroking, using the touch method, should not enroll in Keyboarding.
Credit Unit: 1/2
Prerequisite: N/A

Financial Technology
This course is designed to allow the student to explore personal financial decision-making. It also helps individuals use skills in money management, record keeping, banking, and investing. The course accomplishes this by the study of basic concepts involving economics, insurance, banking, credit, stocks, and bonds, and other related topics through the use of business research tools and technological resources. Activities will include preparation of budgets, consumer skills, checking accounts, investment application, comparison-shopping, advertising research, standard of living analysis, and comparisons of housing options.
Credit Unit: 1/2
Prerequisite: N/A

Web Page Design
This course is an introductory course that examines basic HTML editors and web publishing software. Course skills will include learning the essential ways to develop a web site and the evaluation of several HTML web publishing packages.
Credit Unit: 1/2
Prerequisite: Desktop or Digital Meidia or Digital Video