2015 - 2016 Student Government Officers
Posted On:
Monday, May 04, 2015

Sophomore: Class of 2018

President: ZyKeyah Horn

Secretary-Treasurer: LaTalya Clayton

Majority Representative: Quanila Trotter


Junior: Class of 2017

President: Logan Nave

Vice President: DaChona Thomas

Secretary-Treasurer: Alyssa Ricks

Majority Representative: Demetria Walker

Minority Representative: Kelly Bator


Senior: Class of 2016

President: Reunka Srivastavia

Vice President: Kaylee Zettler

Secretary-Treasurer: Vrunda Patel

Majority Representative: Traylon Talley

Minority Representative: Kourtlynn Drury


Student Council

President:   Chelsea Grissett

Majority Vice President: Ashlynn Spinks

Minority Vice President: Caleb Johnson-Harper

Secretary-Treasurer: Madeline Griffin

Public Relations Chairperson: Madison Carr

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